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With technology always changing, modern homes are having difficulties keeping up with the times. Today’s modern appliances and electronics require more power than ever before. Unfortunately, this can lead to electric panel issues. It is important that homeowners know the signs to look for when they need an electrical panel upgrade. With an upgrade, homeowners will notice their electrical systems operate more efficiently and there are fewer incidences of tripped breakers.

What Is an Electrical Panel and How Does It Work?

The electrical panel of a home can be found in various places, including basements, closets & garages. This panel is hooked directly to the wiring of the municipal electricity provider. It provides electricity throughout the home, safely and effectively powering the lighting system, appliances & home devices. If an electric panel is not working properly, it can be dangerous for anyone living in the home or business.

Signs the Electric Panel Needs an Upgrade

When it comes to electrical box upgrades, homeowners need to be aware of the signs. A failing electric panel can begin to show problems in performance. If you notice any of the following, it is important that you upgrade your electrical panels:

  • Buzzing sounds coming from the electric panel
  • Corrosion of the components of the electrical panel or breakers
  • Appliances that are running at low power
  • Frequent breaker trips
  • Home was built with a 60-amp electrical service
  • No ground fault circuit protectors
  • No grounded outlets

All of the above signs indicate the electrical panel in the home is outdated and needs to be upgraded. Homeowners who need electrical panel upgrades in the greater Grand Rapids area need to contact FineLine Electric LLC today

From Circuit Breaker Replacement to Surge Protection

If you own an old home or historic office building, you should ask yourself how long it has been since its electrical panel was upgraded or replaced. Many older buildings still have 60 amp main panels. Today’s newer homes & buildings have 200 amp electrical panels. Systems with fuses have become obsolete, as they cannot support the demands of modern energy consumption and the electrical gadgets found in homes & businesses today. If your system is constantly tripping fuses and breakers, then you probably need a circuit breaker replacement. From installing sub-panels, surge protection, grounding & high-voltage home electric vehicle charging stations, FineLine Electric LLC. offers professional, residential & commercial electrical services. If you suspect your wiring or system is faulty, we offer safety inspections for your peace of mind. We will inspect your electrical system & identify any potential dangers to keep your home or business safe.

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