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Driving an electric car means more than saving some money on your weekly gas bill. You are helping the air quality in Michigan while decreasing our country’s dependency on foreign gas and oil. Your budget will not be as heavily impacted by rising fuel costs. When you buy an electric car, you are creating more green jobs and doing something to make a change.

More and more car manufacturers are making electric cars and plug-in hybrid cars and the number of both car models and the number of cars sold is increasing each year. The change from gas to electric vehicles, referred to as EV cars or simply EV (Electric Vehicles), is happening faster than most people think.

So you just bought a new EV vehicle, that is great, but now you are going to need a way to charge it. Electric vehicle charging is by far the biggest challenge to overcome when you own an electric vehicle, and with electric car charging station costs going through the roof, many owners are choosing to install their own EV charging stations. If you would like to have the ability to charge your electric vehicle from your own home, FineLine Electric LLC. is able to help with the electric car charging station installation process.

Different Types of EV Chargers

When it comes time to charge your electric vehicle, you’ve got three different options: level 1, level 2, & level 3 charging. The first step in your EV charging stations installation process is deciding which charging method is best for you, so we will take a look at the pros & cons of each charging station.

Level 1 Charging

Level 1 EV charging stations involve plugging your vehicle directly into an ordinary household outlet. With level 1 charging, you don’t have to purchase or install any additional equipment, however, the rate at which level 1 charging charges a vehicle is less than optimum. You can expect to get about 4.5 miles for every hour of charge. If that’s too slow for your schedule, you’ll want to look into one of the other two electronic car charging station options.

Level 2 Charging

Installing a level 2 EV charger is the most popular option for most electric vehicle owners. Level 2 chargers are able to charge a vehicle many times faster than level 1 charging while also being more affordable than DC fast chargers. With level 2 EV charging stations, you can expect to get about 70 miles of range per hour of charging, depending on your specific vehicle.

Level 3 Charing (DC Fast Charging)

The fastest charging option available, DC fast chargers, are able to provide about 40 miles of range for every ten minutes of charging. They are 480v and can completely refuel most electric vehicles in 30 minutes.

There are a lot of reasons you bought an electric vehicle; lower fuel costs, reduced maintenance and a smaller energy footprint are just some of the advantages of driving an EV. One issue that comes up with these vehicles is the power supply. Most homes in the United States have a house current that runs at 120 volts. That’s great for small appliances, but it’s a bit slow for full-sized cars. One way to get around this limitation is to install an EV charger on your garage wall. Charging your EV at home is definitely one of the perks of owning an electric vehicle. Not only does it cost roughly half the going rate for gasoline, you wake up to a “full tank” every morning. It takes time to fully charge a car though.

For more information on what EV Charging station is right for your home or business, then contact the EV Charging electricians at FineLIne Electric LLC. today!

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